Why life coaching?

Change, challenge, and growth come with exploring yourself, your options, and discovering opportunities in life.

I love to coach young, ‘driven’ adults who want to reach their personal best.

Positive Purpose - Life Coach Marina Miller

My Services

Growing people into a better, happier, and successful life rather than just going through life.

Assessing and strengthening your business by better equipping your staff for the tasks and jobs assigned.

Encouraging others through speaking about topics that people struggle with.

Present workshops that help people deal with various issues in life like grief, forgiveness, overcoming anxieties and fear, boundaries, and much more.

Live life more to the full with a Life Coach. Through my commitment to helping YOU bring about change, you can have a meaningful purpose in life and achieve the success that YOU deserve.

About coaching

Coaching is future-focused and encourages each person to take the step to live the best life they deserve. All sportsmen and women have coaches to equip them to reach their peak - so why shouldn’t you?

Would you love an encouraging partner in life that can equip you to deal with all that life throws at you?

This is what I would do as your coach.

As a coach, I ask the questions for you to find the answers, discover your strengths, values, and beliefs and build on what you want and need in life to live authentically, and through Proactive Living have the surety of a better future.

Sessions can take place in person if you live near Hilton, or over Zoom.


I never dreamt I could achieve so much. I feel like a new person and have changed my thinking patterns and therefore changed my life for the better. Finally, I have realized I AM GOOD ENOUGH….


I have a more fulfilled life and my family life as well.


Through the coaching I have realized you never stop learning and growing and to feel good about myself is alright!


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