Positive Purpose - Life Coach Marina Miller

I’m Marina Miller.

Through freedom of choice, I can
help YOU to succeed and live a life of total contentment.

I offer an excellent coaching service to young adults, and I help them to discover their purpose and passion.

A little bit more about me...

I have been a businesswoman for the last 25 years. I studied and became an Elite Coach in September 2013, through New Insights. My wonderful husband Michael and I have been married for 36 years, and I am a mother of 3 awesome boys.

My eldest son died in 2006 and I have lived with alcoholism in my family both as a child and an adult and this has given me the authenticity to be true to myself and others.

My training, as well as hard life experiences, have equipped me to be a coach of excellence!

Hard experiences in my life have taught me that you can rise above all circumstances and be the best that YOU can be.

My passion is to see people grow and discover the strengths they have within themselves emotionally and physically, to become the person they always dreamt to be.

Positive Purpose - Life Coach Marina Miller
Positive Purpose - Life Coach Marina Miller


Perseverance has paid off, I reached my goals and best of all I believe in me!


The program is very successful. It holds you accountable for your aspirations and it is “hands-on” and applicable to real life.
I reached my goal and we are going overseas!


I have become a happy person who achieved my goals and did so by changing myself from within with my coach walking alongside me.


A few of my favourite things:

Food Coffee

Season Summer

Holiday Spot Mozambique

Relaxation Meditating

Positive Purpose - Life Coach Marina Miller

Our thoughts determine who we are.Change your thoughts, find the answers and become the person YOU always thought YOU could be.

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